Assigning user to manage server

In2net Server Backup solution supports the creation of sub-user account. This feature will enable the account owner to assign the management tasks of server backups to multiple subusers. This feature is available upon account owner's request.

Creating sub-user account

Select "User" menu in the main menu

main menu_users_english.png

Select "Create new user"


Fill out the form. Click [CREATE] button to create a new user.


Adding a server

If you have not added a server, you may follow the instruction in this link.

Assigning a user to manage server backup

Select the server from the list on the right pane, and click on the Edit Server Properties icon.


Select "Users" tab on "Edit Server" dialog box.


To add user(s) to manage this server, s
elect a user from the dropdown box, followd by clicking the [ADD] button

After the user has been added, it shows a list of permissions that you as account owner can manipulate.

  • bm-servers-caneditserversetting.png - user can modify the server setting when enabled.
  • bm-servers-canmanipulatedisksafeforserver.png - user can manipulate disk safe for this server when enabled.
  • bm-servers-canmanipulatepoliciesforserver.png  - user can manipulate backup policies for this server when enabled.
  • bm-servers-canrestorefilesfromserverrecoverypoint.png - user can restore files from server recovery point when enabled.
  • bm-servers-canbrowseserverrecoverypoint.png - user can browse server recovery point when enabled.
  • bm-servers-canviewservertasksintaskhistoryconsole.png - user can view server tasks in Task History console when enabled.

When configuration is complete, click [SAVE] button.

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