Managing encryption keys for Linux Agent

Viewing keys added to Linux Backup Agent

Use the following command to view the encryption keys added to Backup Agent.

 serverbackup-setup --list-keys

Adding key to Linux Backup Agent

Run the following command on your server (Backup Agent machine)

 serverbackup-setup --get-key <Backup Manager's ip address>

  e.g.: serverbackup-setup --get-key

If you do not know the Backup manager's ip address, please contact In2net support.

Removing key from Linux Backup Agent

For security reasons, the Backup Agent accepts connections only from known Backup Managers. If you have previously allowed the Backup Manager to connect to your Backup Agent but later decided notto allow future requests, you have to remove the Manager Key.

To delete the Manager Public key from the Backup Agent's configuration using command line, On the Linux Backup Agent machine, run the following command.

 serverbackup-setup --remove-key <Backup Manager's ip address>

 e.g.: serverbackup-setup --remove-key

caution.png After removing the Manager Key, your Backup Agent becomes unavailable for the Backup Manager.

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